SCEE, Shanghai Chuangxiang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., is a sourcing company based in Shanghai, China. We provide a wide range of product sourcing from components to finished products according to our customer demand.

SCEE is not a broker - our customers purchase directly from the manufacturer. Our buyers give us the specs for the product they want. We send those specs to our suppliers. We get the bids, select the best one, and directly connect the supplier to the buyer.

SCEE focuses on small and medium size companies that are looking for high quality, low maintenance suppliers. Whether our customers plan to develop their own proprietary designs or prefer private label products, SCEE will find a match within our proven supply base and provide all necessary support along the way.

The SCEE team has rich experience in sourcing and procurement, and supply-chain management. We have set up long-standing relationships with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in China.

The value of SCEE is to provide supply to meet your demand with quality sourcing practice and customer service to guarantee that your interests are served from product procurement to product delivery.