SCEE works on the strengths of relationships built on a foundation of trust, integrity and mutual respect. Those relationships with our vendor network allow us to best match your need with our product sources to fulfill your required applications. You benefit from our established reputation, knowledge, local experience and relation, understanding of culture, easy communication. This will eliminate the time and expense it would take for you to get results.

Just because you don’t see your particular product need listed on our webpages; please do NOT assume we are limited to those areas. The SCEE team is in no way limited to specific areas. Please contact us to ask about ANY product or application you may need. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to make those products a reality for your business.

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Sourcing and Fulfillment

From sourcing to fulfillment, SCEE is here to assist you with creating significant bonds with your suppliers. By receiving your inquiry, we will carry out:

- Review of customers technical requirements, insuring proper requirements are included in supplier selection.

- Develop detail implementation program, insuring that all critical tasks are identified and associated with key individual responsibilities and time line.

- Translate key customer documents into local language, including minimal drawing conversions as required.

- Identify and verify supplier capabilities to meet customer requirements.

Consultation services available include:

To offer complete supplier chain management service, we can provide the following consultation services performed by our sister company TEST Inspection & Consulting as required.

- Additional supplier audits of existing supply base.

- Source Inspection of existing product development programs.

- Expediting of manufacturing of ordered products.